Other Services

Public Speaking

Brendan Sullivan is an experienced public speaker on the topic of collaborative creativity. His entertaining and interactive style further enhances his message that an effective organization is built on active listening, support, collaboration, trust and respect. He combines humorous and poignant tales of successful and not-so-successful organizations with personal stories drawn from his extensive experience, and audience participation to maximize the impact of his positive message. Brendan's most popular keynote address is titled "Why Didn't We Think of That?".

Improv Performance

Brendan also practices what he preaches. He and his ensemble of experienced professional improvisers can lighten up any organizational gathering with a performance of purely improvised games based on your group's suggestions. The performance can be personalized to meet your organization's needs, goals, culture, messages and objectives.

Advanced Facilitation

Brendan can tailor an ongoing program to follow up on the basic workshops, to deal with a specific challenge within your organization. Participants build on the basic elements of healthy teamwork, brainstorming, communication and collaboration to create dynamic solutions to a particular organizational dilemma.

Brendan can also facilitate a "refresher" workshop somewhere down the road. The goal would be to reinforce the original workshop lessons, and to discuss the impact of the program on the workplace, and to address those areas where improvement is still needed.

Private Coaching

Brendan can consult and coach leaders and aspiring leaders in the development of their interpersonal communication skills as they apply to team management, creating a culture of collaborative creativity and team motivation.

Speech Writing

Brendan has helped corporate speakers to create more dynamic, impactful engaging speeches for national sales meetings, company-wide meetings, industry functions and other public speaking engagements.